Mario Lopez In Ultimate Comfort With Our Signature Slub Tee

Here at Muscatti, we wanted a men’s tee that we can call our “signature” cut. So we set out to design a unique tee that was durable, strong, and extremely comfortable. The challenge was to construct it like they did in the old days, but utilizing the modern tools of today. In the old days, there was much more attention to detail and a lot of care put into the sewing of garments. It was important that the details had purpose as well. Why is this important if it is only a t-shirt? The main reason is to prove that you can feel the difference between a quality made shirt and a generic “cookie cutter” tee that everyone else uses. It is important because of its longevity and its durability. First thing is that the quality starts with the fabric.

We started by making our fabric with sustainable organic cotton from California that is processed into slub. In the old days, the slub texture came from an uncontrollable knitting process and imperfections in the cleaning process of the fibers. This usually happened when the cotton was handspun. What you ended up with is thick lumps knitted randomly creating a textured fabric rather than smooth finish. The uneven yarn looks beautiful and ads to the style of our tee.

Now that the fabric is perfected, we needed to design a man’s man tee. It needs to be soft and rugged at the same time. The fit needs to be perfect. The construction needs to be of pure quality. What we came up with is a slightly fitted tee with 50’s style sleeves and hidden stitched hems. The final touch is a double neck binding for quality, durability to hold its shape and for a unique vintage style look. We wanted to construct a timeless piece.

Once we have done the the custom build, it’s time for the paint job. Each season we change our colors. Once we have our color palette, the ready-to-dye tees go through heavy enzyme washes until the fabric gets a soft dry-ish feel. The feel of our tees is very unique to our own brand. The processes will vary depending on the final design, but this will always be the same ‘ol signature slub tees.