Muscatti and IAG POP UP PARTY

It is time to save the date for a Muscatti and IAG official POP UP PARTY!

This last month of June we joined forces with IAG Clothing Company during Gay Pride Month and it was a fun, successful and exciting project. So we decided to throw a party! This event will showcase some unique products from Muscatti and IAG only available at our very own Muscatti pop up store. Our two brands are a great collaboration since we both live a vintage lifestyle of music and fashion yet we are very different.

As you may know, Muscatti is a true American brand that makes all products in our beautiful state of California... from scratch! We are known for our authentic line of organic cottons, vegetable dyes and quality construction for a reasonable price. Our collaborating partners, IAG is one of the first clothing companies known as a true unisex brand and offers a colorful product line fit for the very talented! This line will be offered at the Muscatti store for this event Saturday July 7th 2018.

There will be plenty of wine to give you courage to purchase!